ship-a-thon: i invite all of you to go to our Website,

virtual peanut gallery for you and your friends

think back to the last time at brewery, a bar

maybe you were at a meeting

want to talk about with your friends what was going on

normally wait until the end of the day, use a group chat servive which never works right because everyone's using something different. whatsapp, facebook, hangouts, whatever

maybe even talk about EVERYONE at a conference about what's going on

there's no way for you to be sassy.


can't use twitter or facebook--it's tied to your name!

we have a lot of competitors.

snapshot - requires login, they store your messages.

secret - requires login, store your messages.

whisper, telegram, whatever. nothing cares about

tons of this kind of stuff--secret, whisper. both keep your messages, it's not really anonymous—not the way sasschattr is.

sasschattr is zero friction-no login!

sasschattr pro: buy your name! no longer randomized. let you create meme images that you can send to your friends.

want to go to sxsw to help people complain about the austin hipsters. represent new mexico