Samat Jain

The Aerospace Corp interview presentation
Sr. Full-stack Embedded Software Engineer

26 Jun 2017


Quick bio

New Mexico State University (2001–2006): Biochemistry, Computer Science, Math (BS). G. intraradices sequencing project (bioinformatics)

Columbia University (2006–2008): Biomedical Informatics (MA). An analysis of clinical queries in an electronic health record search utility(paper)

Pi-Fi, LLC (2014–2015).

Innobright Technologies, Inc (2015–present). Denoising algorithm for physically-based, Monte Carlo 3D renderings.

Biz Details

1st cohort, ABQid accelerator program

Pre-seed funding of $20k

Apr 2014–Dec 2015

Parents easily can manage when, and for how long, their kids use the Internet across all their kids' devices, wherever they are.

Kids must earn their time online by doing what their parents want. Activities range from academic, creative, to value-based.

Pi-Fi is a cloud-based, education-focused, parental control platform.

hardware vs. software

Hardware: build a specialized wireless router

Software: some kind of app running on device, coupled with VPN for enforcing network policy

Hardware approach

Why hardware?

Hardware approach -1: Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Hardware approach 1: Single board computers

ARM wireless drivers on Linux are a terrible!

Hardware approach 2: OpenWrt

Originally approach 0, but bricked two devices

Qualcomm Atheros 71xx-based devices.

Web services

Captive portals

Parent view

Child view


Connect to Wi-Fi SSID "Free Wi-Fi from Pi-Fi" using your phone

User story: 8-year old child, Clara