Saturday, Jun 28

Drive from Las Cruces, NM to Flagstaff, AZ: 9 hours. Route: Driving through Albuquerque (Interstate 25 north, Interstate 40 west)

Destinations in Flagstaff:

Candidate camping areas:

Sunday, Jun 29

Humphrey's Peak on SummitPost

Camp near Humphrey's Peak.

Monday, Jun 30

Drive to Taos, via Albuquerque.

Flagstaff → Albuquerque, 5 hours via Interstate 40.

Albuquerque → Taos, 3 hours via Interstate 25 through Santa Fe.

Can stop by Painted Desert/Petrified Forest National Monument on Interstate 40.

Will stop at REI, Trader Joe's, Sam's Club, etc in Albuquerque for supplies.

Camp at Twinning's Campground, shower at Taos Hostel.



Tuesday, Jul 1

Wheeler Peak via Lake Williams/Wheeler Peak Summit Trail. Start no later than 7 am (6 am preferred).

Wheeler Peak on SummitPost.

Camp at Twinning's Campground, shower at Taos Hostel.

Wednesday, Jul 2

Drive to Leadville

Taos to Leadville: 4.5 hours

Day trip ideas for stay in Leadville, CO area:



Thursday, Jul 3

Mount Massive on SummitPost.


Must start at 5 am! Should be done by lunch, rest of day is open.

Since this day is short, do the Tour de Massive topping at 5 of Massive's summits? (local copy)

Must find out location of hot springs. Day trip to Aspen?

Camp where available.

Friday, Jul 4

Mount Elbert on SummitPost.

Must start at 5 am! Should be done by lunch, rest of day is open.

Optional: South Mount Elbert? On same ridge as Elbert. Depends on weather.

Camp in Halfmoon Basin/Creek area, or Hostel in Leadville. Drive to Colorado Springs early?

Saturday, Jul 5

Leadville, CO to to Colorado Springs, CO: 3 hours.

Pike's Peak on SummitPost.

Hike ideas:

Pike's Peak, abbreviated hike. Will drive towards the top, pick a short route (less than 8 mi) to the summit. Absolutely not doing the full 36 mi round trip (Barr Trail).

Stay in Colorado Springs (camp or hotel?)

Sunday, Jul 6

Colorado Springs to Black Mesa

Black Mesa on SummitPost.

Black Mesa to Las Cruces

Las Cruces by late evening.

Things to Look up